Thursday, January 5, 2012


I had a hard time getting out of bed again today...if it wouldn't have been for my daughter, Kristen, and my sweet puppy, Luna, I wouldn't have gotten up at all...they tag team me in the morning if it isn't Kristen yelling at me to get up it is Luna barking in the terrible high pitch until I final get out of bed. 

I will post a picture of dear little Luna who keeps me up all night wanting to play.  She will be 10 months old Friday.  She needs a hair cut badly but I can't keep her still enough to cut it...I need to do something because it is now getting matted up in some places.  Luna is a Bichon a little cloud...with a storm brewing inside.

We got Luna when we lost our puppy of 7 years (we were cheated), Pixie...Pixie was my daughter's little sister, her first pet, and we both loved her very much.  I noticed that she had started using the bathroom a lot but didn't want to take her to the vet because I had a feeling that she wouldn't come home for there and I was correct.  I took her and he told me after several tests that she was a very sick dog.  Pixie was a Cairn Terrier, wheaten in color.  She lasted a week and a half before she was so bad that we had to let her go.  (Now I am crying and she passed in February of last year...damn, I miss her and so does Kristen, she was crying for her sister (Pixie) last night.  Kristen is 25 years old.  She doesn't call Luna her sister...Luna is her best buddy, but not her sister.  

Well Break is over got to get back to it...still no WinnyNinny PooPoo I am guessing she is hurting this AM and still trying to get moving...


  1. Love the description of Luna - like a cloud with a storm inside!!! She is getting so Big!!!

    I still cry about my pets that have crossed over just as I do with people, I know I will meet them on the other side. Peppy my great Dane will be shifting from foot to foot laughing like he always did when he was being ornery!!!

    Didn't make it into work and am taking a break from working at home right now - great first post MoMo B!!!